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OWLS - Part 1 + 2
by Martin Ernstsen

(english version only)
Two little girls are sitting on a swing.
"I was allowed to sleep over at your place."
"Maybe we can play "Giana Sisters"?"
"Maybe ... or we could play that game ..."
"... that we played last night?"

Two little girls under a blanket.
"Can we play that game now?"
"Not yet."
"It has to be a long kiss. That's how the grownups do it."
Vicky was alway the one to decide. When we should, and when we should not.
We never told anyone. It was our little secret.

In this first part of "Owling" the girls Lynne and Vicky are playing innocent games. In the second part Lynne has grown older and the game starts getting serious.


Martin Ernstsen (b.1982) is from Norway, but is currently living in Stockholm/Sweden where he is doing a master degree in Storytelling at Konstfack. His debut comic "Nissefugl" was published by Jippi Comics in 2007, he has since then made two issues of "Owls" ("Ugler" in Norwegian, also published by Jippi). He has self published quite a few mini-comics, the most recent of which is "Du Snakker Med Feil Person" ("You Are Talking to the Wrong Person"). His work has also been in some comic anthologies, like Forresten and Kuti.