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Alien in Russia
Marko Turunen
(english version only)

"A friend of a friend told about his friend who had had an opportunity to see the Russian militia in action. As he walked past a shed on the police station courtyard, the shed started to shake and growling was heard from within. He was told that inside the shed was a riot dotg. It was some sort of mongrel that had been beaten as a pup every time it was fed to make it hate all humans. In a case of a riot policemen wearing multiple rubber suits took the bloodthirsty hound to the back of a van and drove it where the riot was taking place and turned it loose. The riot was soon over after the dog had mauled the nearest twenty people. The friend of a friend of a friend asked how the militia got the dog back after it has done it's job and the answer was brutal. The dog isn't supposed to be collected afterwards, it is shot when the riot is over."
The rumors about russia are disturbing, and now alien has to head on to St. Petersburg ...


Alien in Russia wurde abgedruckt in Marko Turunens Comicheftserie "Ufoja Lahdessa" (Ufos in Lathi), in finnischer Sprache mit englischen Untertiteln.